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    Hello everybody,

    I got some news regarding our Teamsetup today.
    I´ve been thinking about this quite some time and I´m pretty sure this is gonna improve the experience and the perfomance of our Members drasticly.

    So what Im talking about is basically to split the Teams into skillgroups.
    Those who are good and potetially ESL ready and those who still need to practice and catch up with the others.
    I´m gonna recheck the teams if someone thinks he doesn´t belong in a surtian team or I think someone is placed wrongly.

    So these are the Teamsetups, which will apply on friday:

    First Team:

    -Nukeddoge so wow
    -Grüne Orange

    Mid Team (Can play in both Teams) (Players get put here if Im not sure which Team to put them in) (Place only temporary) (Not playing alone):
    -KevKuv (we need to look at your playstyle one more time)
    -Potato (we need to look at your playstyle one more time)
    -Wawer (FUCKING FOCUS WAWER! I KNOW YOU CAN PLAY GOOD!) (Y u no play srsly, but say you want to? Y wawzor, y?

    Second Team:


    Requests can be send to me.


Betrachte 1 Post (von insgesamt 1)

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