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    Hey Guys,

    Id like to introduce you my first Strat System that we are gonna try and apply in the upcoming games. I tried to make it as good and understandable as i could, but feedback is key.
    The best way to give feedback is to answer below this thread.

    Anyway Im just gonna show you the Strat we are gonna use on mirage first.
    By this I mean the Pos Start.

    Every Player gets his number, so that we have:

    Why is this important?
    Because you want to have a fixed position you play each time you play a game with us.
    Im gonna give out the playernames + numbers for everyone of you in another thread soon.
    This will look like this:

    -P1 (PvtLapdance) (HurrDurr) …
    -P2 (Nukeddog) (HerpDerp) …
    -P3 (Wawer) (PenisMaster9000) …
    -P4 (KevKuv) (LOLOLOLOL) …
    -P5 (Potato) (PotatoNr2) …

    And when you see a map strat you only need to search for your number to know which Pos you´ll be on every game:


    -Ramps: P1 (Crate) , P2 (backcrate)
    -A: P5 (Heaven) , P3 (Main)
    -Outside: P2 (Workshop)

    This is basically it for the Pos Strats. Im gonna post the Player-Number list in a sec as well.


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